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When you pay out of pocket, your urgent care visit costs can be upwards of $275. Using an emergency room could cost you $800 or more and could take hours for you to see a provider. With a NextCare medical discount program, you have access to a cost-effective solution that gets you the immediate healthcare assistance you need for non-life-threatening illness and injuries.

Advantage ValueCare
Membership Fee
per month
per year
Office Visit Cost
per visit
Save up to
$125 per visit
per visit
Save up to
$80 per visit
Office Visit with In-Clinic Services
(X-ray, on-site lab, EKG, etc.)
per visit
Save up to
$240 per visit
per visit
Save up to
$140 per visit
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Fees not covered by your membership

Durable medical equipment (crutches, splints, etc); this service is provided and billed via outside vendor of NextCare and its participating family of brands.

Services performed by outside facilities will be billed to you or your insurance company separately by the providing institutions (exmaples include MRI’s CT scans, and laboratory services not provided at a NextCare clinic or within its family of brands.